Gitterbox / Mesh box foldable new RS-4

Gitterbox / Mesh box foldable new RS-4

Weight: 65 - 90 kg
Size: 1240x835x970 mm
Painting: every colour from RAL Colourpallet

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Containers rental

We offer you a rental service for containers of the type EUR gitterbox on very favorable terms.

Rental prices depend on the quantity and estimated time of lease.


About us

Our company started its activity in the early 90's. We began on the market through the production of metal containers that are made to order for customers in Europe and beyond.

The goal to achieve the highest quality products to satisfy ever growing audience.

We offer various packages, ranging from the typica I, such as baskets, UIC Gitterbox of each variant and col or, the custom - tailored to customer requirements and ending with the  packaging for the refrigeration industry and agriculture. We produce baskets for harvesting and storing vegetables, top cooling, and packaging designed for high storage of agricultural products. All products can be according to the wishes of the traditional painted or powder of your choice from the RAL calor palette, or can be galvanized.

We also repair or alteration of any kind of metal packaging.

In our offer we have also used container Gitterbox EUR UIC.

You can also hire a Gitterbox containers.

We have a diverse fleet of transport in the vehicles which includes capacity: 9,18,33 or 38 pallets, the loading height is 3m.

Repair of containers

We professionally repair any kind of metal packaging. We prepare cost estimates.

We replace the damaged containers with new ones. Please contact us.


If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by phone or email, also via the contact form.

F.P.H.U. Robert Skórzewski
Psary Małe, ul. Nekielska 20
62-300 Września

Zakład produkcyjny
Ceków 61b
62-834 Ceków

Phone: +48 602 114 095 (PL)
Phone: +48 509 814 277 (DE / EN)
Fax: +48 62 764 98 16

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