Laser cutting of pipe

The laser cutting of pipes is an advanced technological process that uses a concentrated beam of laser light for high precision cutting of metal pipes. The laser beam, consisting of highly focused electromagnetic radiation, is directed at a specific point on the pipe surface, which causes instant melting, burning and evaporation of the material. As a result, the cut is extremely high precision and the pipe edges are smooth and require no additional machining. It is worth noting that this process does have a negative impact on the adjacent areas of the pipe, which remain intact. The laser cutting of pipes is therefore an extremely efficient and high precision method of producing the optimum results.

What is the process of the laser cutting of pipes?

The laser cutting of pipes begins with the development of a high precision design, which is then input into a computer-controlled machine. The cutting head, directed based on this design, moves along the pipe to perform the cuts as intended. At the points specified in the design, the laser beam interacts with the material, causing it to melt and evaporate. Next, the cutting gas blows the material residues out of the slit. As a result, a system of parallel grooves is produced along the edge of the laser. The entire process is controlled by the machine operator, who can make any adjustments to guarantee the highest quality and precision of the cuts.