Laser cutting of profiles

The laser cutting of profiles is a process that uses a concentrated laser light beam for high precision cutting of steel profiles. The process begins with the development of a digital design that precisely defines the shape and size of the future piece. Then, with special software, the machine is prepared for the accurate reproduction of the design. The computer-controlled cutting head moves along a specified path and the concentrated laser beam melts and evaporates the metal at specified points. This process produces parallel grooves along the laser edge to form a precisely cut shape. The pieces produce using this method are finished products that do not require additional processing. All this is done with incredible precision, to 0.1 mm, which guarantees excellent quality and accuracy in every piece.

Why use the laser cutting of profiles?

Above all, the high precision of the laser enables cutting very small and complex shapes with the utmost accuracy. In addition, laser cutting maximises the use of material, thus minimising waste and contributing to cost savings. Laser devices are also very durable and do not require frequent replacement of parts, which results in low operating costs. Furthermore, the final products of the laser cutting process have smooth edges and require no additional processing, thus saving time and resources. Laser cutting is a quick and efficient process, which enables producing a large number of identical profiles within a short time.