Metal containers - new products

Metal containers are also referred to as “Gitterbox”, which is a general term for mesh containers, steel plate containers and pallet-boxes. All the above-mentioned container typed are manufactured by our company in diverse variants, as well as the universal EURO Gitterbox option.

Metal containers are universally used in various industry fields as well as in agriculture. They can be used to store large-sized components, heavy industrial waste and bulk materials. They can also be used for food storage and animal transport.

Mesh containers

Our mesh containers include robust Gitterbox baskets facilitating transport and storage of heavy and cumbersome objects. As their design and manufacturing process is performed with highest attention to detail, they may also be used as shop exhibition elements to display, e.g. promotional articles. We also offer basket containers of a well-thought design that are mostly equipped with access hatches facilitating their loading and unloading. They are also protected against corrosion, which makes them resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Metal plate containers

Apart from metal mesh containers, we also manufacture steel plate containers. Their encased design facilitates storage of fine, but still heavy, products. The scope of their application includes storage of debris, vegetable soil or such bulk materials as gravel or sand.

Our assortment includes steel plate containers of various sizes facilitating storage cargo of diverse weight. We also supply foldable containers which save available storage space in production standstill periods. The majority of our containers comprise boxes adapted for forklift truck transport, which significantly facilitates their handling. 


Our assortment of products also includes “pallet-boxes”. These are metal basket containers, however, equipped with replaceable bottoms made of wooden boards. The boards are placed on metal profiles, which ensures their stability.

EURO Gitterbox containers, i.e. products complying with applicable UIC standards, are most popular types of pallet-boxes. These are licensed boxes of standard dimensions: width: 835 mm, length: 1240 mm and height: 970 mm, and permissible capacity of 1500 kg. Additionally, the containers are placed on feet whose height facilitates handling by means of forklift trucks. Such baskets are compulsorily provided with the manufacturer's name and date of manufacture. As they are approved all over Europe, they are a perfect solution for international exchange of goods.

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