Metal container repair

Gitterbox containers are durable warehousing equipment resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. Steel is a robust material, however, its lifetime is limited. Our containers are often used in harsh working conditions, which exposes them to damage. Nevertheless, worn-out or damaged products do not have to necessarily be replaced with new ones.

Our professionals conduct repairs of Gitterbox metal containers and baskets. Our range of services comprises maintenance and repairs of containers aimed at restoring their initial condition. Our state-of-the-art equipment rectifies all damage resulting from heavy-duty operations. Such damage may include dents, mesh damage or visible corrosion.

Containers regenerated by our service department demonstrate properties characteristic for new products. Their structural geometry is restored, new anti-corrosion coating is applied and the whole design is refreshed by applying a new powder coat. Repairs are more cost-effective than purchasing new products.

Contact us if your Gitterbox products require repairs. We will surely find a perfect solution to a given problem and ensure that products are re-commissioned in shortest possible time.

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