Laser cutting of metal sheets

The laser cutting of metal sheets involves developing a precise design. Then, using dedicated software, the device is programmed to faithfully reproduce all intentions of the design. The laser cutting head, which emits concentrated laser radiation, moves along specified lines, cutting only at the points planned. At the contact points of the laser beam and the metal sheet, the metal is instantly melted or evaporated. This results in parallel grooves, which combine to form the final shape of the cut piece. Once the cutting process is complete, the pieces are ready for further use, with no need for additional processing.

Why use the laser cutting of metal sheets?

The laser cutting of metal sheets has many advantages. Above all, it is an extremely high precision method – the gap produced by cutting is minimally larger than the laser beam, which enables cutting even small and complex pieces. In addition, high precision cutting enables the optimum use of material, which leads to savings and reduced waste. It is also worth noting that laser cutting machines are characterised by high durability and no need for frequent replacement of parts, contrary to typical cutting technologies. The final products, produced by laser cutting, have smooth edges and require no further processing, which reduces the production time significantly.