Tyre handling trolleys

Wheel and tyre handling trolleys are devices designed to move tyres from one place to another, making work much easier and more efficient. They are robust and hold many tyres at the same time, which enables quick and easy transport. They are equipped with sturdy castors that enable easy manoeuvring, even with heavy loads, as well as rubber covers to protect the rims from scratches and damage. Tyre trolleys are not only practical, but also safe, as they prevent unnecessary lifting, which may lead to injuries. They are an essential piece of equipment for every facility that stores wheels and tyres, including garages and tyre warehouses.

How can tyre trolleys be used?

Tyre trolleys are extremely versatile and suitable for many different uses. Above all, they are indispensable during seasonal tyre changes, when it is necessary to move a large number of tyres from the warehouse to the garage. They are also invaluable for day-to-day garage operations, as they enable easy moving of tyres between different workstations. They are also suitable for tyre storage, saving space and keeping the warehouse orderly. They are also essential for transporting tyres to the customers, as they enable quick and safe transport. They help increasing the efficiency and safety of work at every garage and tyre warehouse.