Tyre pallets

Tyre pallets are specialised warehouse devices used to store and transport tyres. They are used in both tyre warehouses and garages. They enable storing tyres in three different arrangements: 'herringbone', horizontal and vertical. Vertical tyre storage is possible using crossbars mounted on welded hooks. The pallets are extremely versatile and can be used to store many tyre types, such as passenger car, SUV, truck and agricultural tyres. With specially designed feet, tyre pallets are easy to stack, which enables maximising the use of the warehouse space.

What are the advantages of tyre pallets?

Tyre pallets enable quick folding, handling, lifting, lowering and stacking of tyres. As a result, they can be used to create an efficient warehouse system to maximise the use of the volume. The pallets are perfect for use both in handling within tyre warehouses and transport to the customers. In intra-warehouse operations, the pallet folding function enables transporting them in open position, filled with tyres, or in closed position, empty, in a stack of up to 20 pallets. This, in turn, enables performing logistics operations on multiple pallets at the same time, which is an important component of an effective work cycle. In external transport, the pallet folding function facilitates and significantly reduces the costs of the return transport of empty pallets from the customer to the warehouse.